"I appreciate Dr. Le and her willingness to always seek alternative treatments for her patients. TMD has taken a large toll on my body (physically and mentally). Hesitant on receiving botox therapy, Dr. Le sensed my uneasiness and patiently informed me of all the details. A few weeks after receiving the treatment, I quickly saw results and can noticeably feel less tension in my jaw! Her and her staff seemed to genuinely care for my health and were extremely patient with me. Thank you all!"

K. Nguyen

"Dr. Le is so gentle and very skilled with her ability to take care of me. Thank you ."

C. Pham

"I have been going here for years and have always been satisfied with the quality of care Dr. Le and her staff provides. I can truthfully say that I have not had one episode of migraine since I received botox therapy! It's amazing."

M. Johnson

"Growing up, I have always been expressive with laughter. But with a gummy and protrusive smile, it made it almost impossible to truly reflect my emotions. I would frequently find myself staring at the mirror trying to imagine a more beautiful, natural structure. Dr. Le, being the only dentist on the island to provide skeletal anchorage treatment, walked me through the procedure and fully explained to me what I should expect. A little over a year later, I'm here! Smiling as big as I ever could and truly loving the results. Thank you Dr. Le and staff! You all are truly outstanding. "

J. Van

"I admire Dr. Le's passion of always providing the best treatments for her patients. Each time I come in for my annual check-up, I see that she has yet again completed another continuing education course and excitedly shares with me the latest advancements in dental treatment. It is gratifying to know that my dentist will always think about advancing her work for the better of her patients."

A. Sakai

"Dr. Le and her staff are really friendly and professional. I have been going there for years, and would not want anyone else to take care of my teeth but them."

R. Ryan

"I was so scared to see a dentist, but Dr. Le and her staff made me feel safe and was able to fix the pain on the tooth. Thank you Dr. Le"

M. Moore

"Dr. Le can do so many advance procedures so I don't have to be referred out for my 2 root canals, extractions, and implants. Her skill level is really high".

B. Lee